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I spent over 25 years building successful healing arts practices around the US. I have an MBA and worked in Finance before getting my PhD in Holistic Nutrition. I built a successful vegetarian meal delivery service in Denver in the 90s. I sold it to the chef to move to Los Angeles to pursue modeling and building a Nutrition Coaching Practice. My work got me noticed and I left LA to clean up a mess on a reality TV show. The crew was getting so violently ill that half of them were sent home.

During my two seasons working on that show I was contacted by the Santa Barbara College for Oriental Medicine. In search of a new adventure I accepted their offer to teach Biochemical Nutrition. I also opened a nutrition consulting practice helping women before, during and after their pregnancy. It only took one semester for me to fall in love with Chinese Medicine. I moved to Austin, Texas and graduated from Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin. 

I thought I was going to get married and move to San Francisco and open my practice. I wasn't aware, but my partner had other plans. I had told the owner of my duplex that I was moving out and I hadn't done anything to get an acupuncture license in Texas. I decided to work on cruise ships for two years, travel the world and forget that guy that dumped me. 

Working on the ship taught me how to get new clients quickly. There is an entirely new group of people getting on board every week. Out there on my own without another acupuncturist in site I learned how to talk to people and get them excited about trying acupuncture. Learning how to get them excited in a few sentences saved my energy and filled my schedule. I taught three seminars a week about the benefits of acupuncture and eventually got so good I could book 80-100 people per week. 

Moving to the Dallas suburbs to be near my parents created another opportunity for me to build another practice. This was different though. I didn't have thousands of new passengers getting on board every week. I had to go find them. I know what it's like to start a practice by yourself. There are many highs and lows. It is difficult when you need a little help or someone to bounce ideas off of, need a pat on the back or a kick in the pants and there's no one there. 

My heart hurts when I think about all the incredible ideas, products and services that never get into the marketplace because the business owner didn’t know how, got discouraged and gave up. What could have been accomplished if those healers had some guidance? Who’s life could they have changed if they had some help?


I am a healer and a helper. I learned how to be a business owner through trial and error, reading a lot of books, attending many seminars and working with coaches. My struggles and successes make me a great teacher. I like helping people get what they want. It's a thrill for me to see others succeed. As a coach and a healer I can't do all the work for you, but I know how to get you excited and motivated to step up and do the work yourself. 


Working with people, helping them succeed and get what they want improves the quality of my life. It brings me joy, enthusiasm and excitement. I bring the skills I have been born with and the ones I’ve earned along the way to your business. I am that second set of eyes for those that are tired of looking at the same material for days on end trying to make it perfect. I have the ideas and suggestions for your next move. I will make you work and you will have the practice you dream about. I am the encouragement when you feel like giving up. I am the motivator to remind you how awesome you are. I am your support.   - Gail D

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